This page summarizes the posts on this Web site that are about the coupling of SWAN+ADCIRC. It should provide a better starting introduction to running the model than a cursory search through the archives. Please let me know if you have any questions.



New users should begin with the first link below. It provides step-by-step instructions about how to compile and run SWAN+ADCIRC, and it has been updated as the code has been revised.

Running the Model

Although the following posts do contain instructions, their focus is really on sharing our experiences while running the model. They describe a few new features as we have added them, and they illustrate some of the issues that we have faced, including some that remain works in progress.

Features Currently in Use:

Previous Discussion:


Finally, there are a few publications that describe SWAN+ADCIRC and its applications, especially to hurricane waves and surge in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mechanics of the Coupling:

Applications to Hurricane Waves and Surge:

Model Features: