We have been lucky to work with a lot of great team members in the CCHT. This page is a summary of our alumni, including links to their posts and research contributions. If you see yourself on this page and want to update your information, then please send an email to Casey Dietrich. (He will be happy to hear from you!)

Graduate Students

Rosemary Cyriac
PhD, 2018, Civil Engineering

Rosemary was a PhD student from Aug 2013 through Sep 2018. Her research was supported by our NC Sea Grant and GoMRI CARTHE projects, and her main focus was the modeling of estuarine circulation and surface transport in the northern Gulf of Mexico. She also developed Kalpana, was a co-instructor for CE 382 Hydraulics, and mentored an undergraduate researcher for 2 years. After finishing her PhD degree, Rosemary accepted a position at Atkins.

Nelson Tull
MS, 2018, Civil Engineering

Nelson was an MS student from Aug 2016 through Jun 2018. His research was supported by our NCDS Data Fellows and NSF PREEVENTS projects, in which he developed techniques to downscale and extrapolate our flooding guidance for decision support. This research was conducted in close partnership with NC Emergency Management, and his focus on hazard communication also led to two poster awards. After finishing his MS degree, Nelson accepted a position at Fuss & O’Neill.

Research Assistants

Jenna Choi
BS, 2017, Civil Engineering

Jenna was a research assistant from Dec 2017 through Apr 2018, during the year after she graduated with her BS degree. She worked with PhD student Ajimon Thomas on the DHS CRCoE and NSF PREEVENTS projects, to cut down a mesh to have only open-water regions, so it could be used later for development. After finishing this work, Jenna returned home to South Korea to pursue other opportunities.

Undergraduate Students

Emerina Kelly
BS, 2019 (expected), Civil Engineering

Emerina was an undergraduate research assistant from Jan 2017 through Apr 2018, during two years of her degree program. She worked with PhD student Rosemary Cyriac as part of the GoMRI CARTHE project, to construct a high-resolution ADCIRC mesh for Choctawhatchee River from the Bay through the USGS gauge at Caryville, Florida. After finishing this work, Emerina pursued other research opportunities in the CCEE Department.

Mohammad Innab
BS, 2018, Civil Engineering

Mohammad was an undergraduate research assistant from Sep 2016 through Apr 2018, during two years of his degree program. He worked to update the FigureGen software to be compatible with the newest version of the GMT library. He edited inside the Fortran code, tested combinations of visualization options, and ran tests on our HPC cluster. Before graduating, he moved from this work into internships at Joyner Keeny and Atkins.