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2013/10/16 – CCEE
Coastal Engineering Expert Casey Dietrich Joins CCEE Faculty


Dietrich’s work addresses coastal processes, ranging from hurricanes to sediment transport, both of which can transform regions, albeit at rates ranging from hours to many years. Dietrich develops models to describe the oceans in deep water and the nearshore and then validates them against the best available measurements and knowledge of natural behavior. These models lead to improved understanding of the natural and built environments. His models have been used for levee design in New Orleans by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and for floodplain risk assessment along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He has also applied his models to forecast coastal flooding during recent storms including Hurricane Isaac (2012) and oil transport following the BP spill in 2010. He plans to extend his models for civil engineering applications along the North Carolina coastline.

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