CCHT Hosts Visitors from Johnson C. Smith University

Nine students in the Summer Research Program at Johnson C. Smith University visited the NCSU Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and were hosted by Dr. Casey Dietrich. This program is supported by the DHS Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence.

The director of graduate programs gave an overview of the NCSU CCCE department and summer and graduate programs opportunities. Dr. Dietrich arranged presentations and discussions with faculty members in the Computing & Systems group.

Dr. Dietrich poses with JCSU students outside of Mann Hall.

Ten faculty members presented their interdisciplinary research projects addressing problems throughout civil and environmental engineering using computational tools. The JCSU students also sat with Dr. Dietrich’s graduate students at their workspaces and learned more about their research and workflows. There was plenty of interaction with Dr. Dietrich and his graduate students during the seven-hour visit.

CCHT member Alireza Gharagozlou shares research about coastal erosion with Dr. Hang Chen and her students.

This field trip provided opportunities to the JCSU students to be engaged and challenged, as they explored areas of personal interest and curiosity and engaged in communication with graduate students and faculty members. It also allowed us to know each other better and identify opportunities for future collaboration.

CCHT member Rosemary Cyriac share research about nearshore transport with JCSU students.