Brooke Rumbaugh

I am a recently graduated member of the CCHT at North Carolina State University. I am originally from West Virginia, which is a completely landlocked state. It was actually through traveling and vacations that my love of the coast developed. After I received my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Marshall University (Huntington, WV), I began looking into master’s programs. During this search, I discovered coastal engineering. After learning about what coastal engineering was about and speaking with some coastal engineers, I discovered it was a perfect way to implement my love of coasts into my career. Now that I have completed my master’s degree, I plan to begin to explore the world of coastal engineering through continuing my research. .

Currently, I am involved in a research project: “Improving Predictions of Estuarine Flooding and Circulation during Storms.” This project addresses the issue of storm-driven circulation and flooding in estuaries for the North Carolina coast. It includes the enhancement of the existing model and extend it to consider the density-driven circulation and salinity transport. To achieve this, we are planning to include all possible physical drivers the model can handle and to explore two different storm tracks. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge about the modeling software.


M.S., Civil Engineering

B.S., Engineering (Civil Emphasis)