Alireza Gharagozlou

Updated 2017/03/06


PhD Student (Graduate Research Assistant)
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University
Mann Hall, Room 428
2501 Stinson Drive
Raleigh NC 27607

I am a PhD student in Coastal Engineering at NC State University. My research interests mainly include coastal hydrodynamics, numerical modeling, and sediment transport. During my masters at the University of Tehran, I worked on morphological modeling methods to speed up the simulation time of coastal erosion and sedimentation near a breakwater.

Currently, I’m involved in the NC Sea Grant project “Interactions between Waves, Flooding and Beach Morphology during Storm Events.” As part of my research, I am modeling the breaching of the Outer Banks during storm events. The goal is to extend the domain and provide a guidance for the entire Hatteras Island. For this purpose we are using XBeach as a morphological modeling tool and ADCIRC+SWAN to model the tides and water circulations during the hurricane. Eventually we will develop a two-way coupled ADCIRC+SWAN and XBeach models so that the wave and tidal boundary condition for the XBeach domain will be provided by ADCIRC computation and after the morphology run, new topography and bathymetry data will be sent back to ADCIRC to continue the simulation.



Ph.D., Civil Engineering

M.S., Civil Engineering (Marine Structures)

  • University of Tehran (Iran), May 2015
  • Research Topic: Hybrid 1D-2D Modeling of Morphological Changes In the Vicinity of Coastal Structures, with Dr. Peyman Badiei

B.S., Civil Engineering



Conference Presentations

  1. A Gharagozlou, JC Dietrich, A Karanci, MF Overton, RA Luettich Jr. “XBeach Modeling of Erosion During Hurricane Isabel: Resolution Requirements For Coupling With ADCIRC” ADCIRC Users Group Meeting, Norwood, Massachusetts, 4-5 May 2017.
  2. JC Dietrich, A Gharagozlou, MF Overton, A Thomas, RA Luettich Jr, JG Fleming, BO Blanton, C Kaiser. “Interactions between Waves, Flooding, and Beach Morphology during Storm Events.” North Carolina Beach, Inlet, & Waterway Association Annual Conference, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, 14-15 November 2016.


  1. A Gharagozlou, JC Dietrich, M Overton, A Karanci “Morphological Modeling of Hatteras Island During Hurricane Isabel” 8th Annual NCEM/ECU Hurricane Conference, Greenville, North Carolina, 24 May 2017.
  2. A Gharagozlou, JC Dietrich, M Overton, A Karanci “Morphological Modeling of Hatteras Island During Hurricane Isabel” NC Sea Grant Coastal Conference, North Carolina State University, 4 & 5 April 2017.
  3. A Gharagozlou, JC Dietrich, M Overton, A Karanci “Morphological Modeling of Hatteras Island During Hurricane Isabel” Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering Research Symposium, North Carolina State University, 3 March 2017.
  4. A Gharagozlou, P Badiei, “1D-2D hybrid modeling of coastal zone near a groyne”, 1st National Congress on Civil engineering, urbanism and sustainable structures, Feb 2015, Tehran, Iran.


Technical Skills

Ocean Models

  • ADCIRC, XBeach, SWAN, Delft3D

Geographic Information Systems

  • ArcGIS, Surface-water Modeling System (SMS), QUICKIN

Structural Analysis and Design Software


Programming Languages




Teaching Assistant (1)

Course Instructor Location Semester
CE 382 Fluid Mechanics JC Dietrich NC State Fall 2015