Jonese D. Pipkin

Updated 2021/07/29

M.S. Student
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University
Fitts-Woolard Hall, Room 3121
915 Partners Way
Raleigh NC 27606

Greetings! I am a first year M.S. student in the Coastal & Computational Hydraulics Team. As a born and raised North Carolinian, I have a firsthand understanding of the impact of hurricanes on our coastal areas. My earned bachelor’s degree in Earth & Environmental Science allowed me to explore and identify the angle of hurricane research that suited me best. Hence, I pursued a graduate program that incorporated computational & geospatial analysis with hurricane inundation. After being directed to NCSU’s coastal engineering site and diving into the CCHT website, I knew this was the ideal environment for me to build upon my research interests.

Initially, I will continue developing my engineering comprehension and later transition into assisting with research associated with the DHS CRCoE project. The work will continue to produce ArcGIS compatible shapefiles delineating maximum water levels, wind speeds, wave heights, and peak wave periods during hurricane events.

By expanding my skill and knowledge related to the water hazards hurricanes induce, my professional goal is to join an agency that monitors the influence of hurricanes on coastal regions to effectively reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities.


Bachelor of Science, Earth and Environmental Science

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, 2020

Research Experience

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

  • Student, January 2020 to May 2020
    • As an undergraduate, a team of students collected subsurface profile data of a recently emerged sink hole using a ground penetration radar. The area of interest was believed to be a former gold mine. The primary data collected was used with other peer-reviewed papers to interpret the results.


  • Intern, May 2019 to August 2020
    • As a summer intern, I worked at Colorado School of Mines with my mentor, Dr. Yvette Kuiper, using ArcMap and Orient to digitize and analyze the structural orientations of the bedrock pertaining to Nashoba-Putnam terrain. I created maps preserving the structural orientations of the terrain’s geology.

Professional Experience

Department of Environmental Quality, Raleigh, NC

  • Document Scanning Technician, August 2020 to July 2021
    • Worked within the Division of Water Resources processing historic underground injection control documents into Laserfiche, a document manager. The work completed aided to reduce paper consumption and increase the accessibility of those official government documents by public and private stakeholders.

Teaching Experience

Museum of Life Science, Durham, NC

  • Assistant Educator, June 2018 to August 2018
    • As an assistant educator, I aided with the instruction of youth on basic engineering, coding, and natural science concepts. To develop skill, attendance of trainings on program development and effective teaching were completed. In addition to creating a productive learning environment, assignments and projects where formed and used to assess comprehension.

Honors & Awards

    • Dean’s List – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    • Austin Student Travel Grant – American Geophysical Union
    • National Science Foundation Research Grant (No. 1724794)


Hoping for Gold in a Charlotte Sinkhole: A GPR Survey

  • Heavener, Emma; Pipkin, Jonese D.; Park, Hannah; Chester, Shelby; and Cottle, William.
    • April 2020
    • Undergraduate Research Conference at UNC Charlotte

A Structural, Geochronological and Geophysical Boundary in The Southeastern New England Appalachians: An Alleghanian Front?

  • Severson, Allison R.; Kuiper, Yvette D.; Long, Maureen D.; Pipkin, Jonese D.
    • March 2020
    • Geological Survey of America 2020 SE/NE Joint Section Meeting

Structural analysis of planar structural data from the Nashoba-Putnam terrane, and adjacent western Avalon terrane and eastern Merrimack belt, southeastern New England Appalachians, USA

  • Pipkin, Jonese D., Severson, Allison R., Kuiper, Yvette D.
    • December 2019
      • American Geophysical Union
    • September 2019
      • National Association of Black Geoscientists

Technical Skills

  • ADOBE Acrobat
  • ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Suite, QGIS
  • Environment for Visualizing Images (ENVI)
  • Google Earth Pro
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Maple
  • Orient
  • PuTTY
  • WinSCP

Professional Affiliations

    • National Association of Black Geoscientists (2019 – Present)
    • American Geophysics Union (2019 – Present)